Silly Simple Ingredients

Our approach is simple: give your skin what it needs and let nature do the rest. We help you eliminate the
embarrassment of dry, flaky, cracked body skin.

Growing up, I was often told that I had “bad” skin; because of this, I would often swap tank tops for crew necks to cover up the bumps and dark spots on my back and arms. Acne and eczema had taken a toll on my body, thus making it hard—even as an adult— to feel confident in my own skin. While trips to the dermatologist added some relief, I found that steroids and expensive products did not solve my problem. I was looking for a long-term solution to my primary skin issues: Acne, eczema, discoloration, and diabetes. So, it was not until I experienced a massive burnout from teaching and writing a dissertation, that I started to study herbalism. By following the rules of nature and understanding the medicinal properties of plant botanicals, I experienced the magic of natural healing. It was a game changer that inspired me to share my knowledge with everyone.

Guided by Native American and African herbalism, I launched Smart Cookie Bodycare. While the name suggests an edible, specialized cookie, it means a mindset of sophistication, wit, intelligence, and drive. This is the foundation on which the brand stands. So, I want customers to do away the old saying, “I have bad/problem skin,” and instead, celebrate the climb toward healthy skin through plant-botanicals and non-toxic ingredients that offer them natural healing.

 Josette (Akoredele) Compton, EdD



Our Philosophy

We believe that our bodies have the power to heal themselves. By figuring out the root cause of skin issues and using gentle ingredients, we can help restore your skin's health.


Everything we sell is made by hand in our pristine kitchen and homemade laboratory.