Get rid of back acne

Our Hydration Sticks are crafted with love and a little bit of magic. Our Body Acne Stick is like a superhero for your skin, with powerful ingredients like Ceramides and Tyronsinaise inhibitors to ward off pesky skin problems. And our secret weapon? Squalane, which is just as fun to say as it is effective at strengthening and moisturizing your skin. For a more subtle hydration, try our Hydration Stick for Normal Skin. But if you want to feel like you've been transported to a fairy tale land where your skin never gets dry or irritated, go for our Hydration Sticks for Dry Sensitive Skin and Eczema. Your skin will thank you!

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If You're Ashy

Shop our butter collection

Treat yo'self to our divinely decadent body butter sticks, lovingly made with natural ingredients like hand-picked calendula petals and luxurious butters from Brazil and Africa. Plus, get the ultimate skin hydration with guava oil, a magical moisturizer that banishes scars and stretch marks for a smooth and plump look.

With four funky flavors to pick from, we've got a body butter stick for every bod out there. Don't be shy, give your body the butter it deserves!

Pamper your lips

The click of the lip balm closing feels like a satisfying accomplishment, knowing that your lips are about to be pampered and hydrated to perfection.

Hydration Sticks

This magical concoction is made with Tucumã butter and guava oil, a duo so powerful it can handle even the toughest foes like eczema and diabetes. Simply rub it on your elbows, feet, neck, or back for instant relief. Bonus points if you twirl around three times while reciting a spell.

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"I love the Hydration Stick! I have eczema and use the stick everyday and also during flare ups. It keeps my skin moisturized all day."

— Kimberly Weems

Amazing product!

"The Hydration Stick is the best I've used ever. My feet have never looked so good and felt so soft!!!!”

— M. Cartwright

Love the Hydration Stick!

I had a flare-up on my face, lots of red spots. Then I used the hydration stick for 1 week and my face looks flawless”

— R. Birch

Lip Lube is awesome!

"I put on the lip lube and do not have to keep reapplying it. My lips are hydrated and plump. Perfect for kissing."

— M. Dancy


Our Hydration Sticks use natural, fair-trade ingredients from Brazil, China, and Cleveland, OH. Each purchase supports indigenous farmers in the Amazon Rainforest, benefitting your body and the environment. While not completely organic, our Body Acne stick is highly effective.

Hand Made

All of our products are lovingly handcrafted, and we use a lot of sciencey stuff to figure out what herbs from African, Chinese, and Native American traditions will work the best. Plus, my mom and grandma passed down some knowledge that we incorporate too. Trust us, it's what makes our products ah-mazing!


We've set a goal to become a B-corp certified company within the next 8 years. That means we're all about being environmentally friendly - think reducing our carbon footprint, using sustainable materials, and treating everyone fairly. Right now, our packaging is made of biodegradable paper and recycled glass bottles for our upcoming fragrance line.

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Our all-natural options for body acne, diabetic skin, and eczema are not only affordable, but also free of steroids and toxic ingredients. Your skin will thank you!

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