Get rid of back acne

Our creams are made with Licorice & Tamanu extracts that help to fade acne scars, and calm inflammation.

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If You're Ashy

Shop our cream collection

Choose from one of our five naturally-derived body creams, which include star ingredients such as organic cocoa and shea butters, Vitamin B5, and arnica oil.

Add Some Butter

In addition to our Hydration Sticks, we will introduce a new collection of organic body butters that will relieve dry, scaly skin. Especially the skin between your fingers and toes.

"I love the Hydration Stick! I have eczema and use the stick everyday and also during flare ups. It keeps my skin moisturized all day."

— Kimberly Weems

Hydration Sticks

Star ingredients include Tucuma butter and guava oil. Perfect for those with eczema, and diabetes. Apply on elbows, feet, neck, and back.

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Amazing product!

"The Hydration Stick is the best I've used ever. My feet have never looked so good and felt so soft!!!!”

— M. Cartwright

Love the Hydration Stick!

I had a flare-up on my face, lots of red spots. Then I used the hydration stick for 1 week and my face looks flawless”

— R. Birch

Lip Lube is awesome!

"I put on the lip lube and do not have to keep reapplying it. My lips are hydrated and plump. Perfect for kissing."

— M. Dancy


Our Hydration Sticks are 100% organic with fair-trade ingredients from Brazil. With each purchase, you support the income of an indigenous farmer in the Amazonian Rainforest.


Our creams and lotions are derived from plants and bio-manufactured to make our ingredients bio-degradable and sustainable. This is a process common in green chemistry.


By 2025, we plan to become a B-corp certified company by reducing our carbon footprint, sourcing raw ingredients that are not endangered, and increasing fair trade practices.


Provide holistic alternatives to steroids and toxic ingredients in body care.

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